Interior design of the Visitor Centre and Thermal Baths of the Baza’s plateau (Granada) is projected. 3D modelling and rendering of interior and exterior views is also performed.


The Visitor Centre and Thermal Baths is concieved as an itinerary, which allows us to appreciate the splendour of the place: the sunset above the dam, the shelter feeling of wandering around the pines, or the experience of the thermal waters that bursts forth between the rocks.


You can see the most representative spaces, such as the thermal baths, the hotel reception or places of passage within the accommodation.


It has been used materials that make contrast with concrete, which is the main structural material. Therefore, the timber is chosen to prevail in floors and roofs and there are used certain bronze elements of accent.

  • Wood

    RGB: #c49664

  • Bronze

    RGB: #b7682d

  • Concrete

    RGB: #c2b9b4

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