Juliana consists in a total design project: corporate identity, interior design, 3D modelling and rendering. It is a brand of gourmet products, complete with a gastrobar, which uses organic local products.


The logo is built on the premise of representing on a calligraphic form a fruit or vegetable. The green colour that is associated with the natural and organic, and therefore a sought ambiguity is generated when trying to recognize what vegetable is represented. The main typography is Egyptian, Didone type, with high contrast and curved spikes in lower case.


The atmosphere is divided into two distinct areas: the entrance area and cafeteria, near the windows where the chairs and low tables are, and the lounge, which is the dining space. Lighting is another essential aspect of design: ambient lighting is achieved by rail down lights and light walls that bathe space. Accent lighting is achieved with large copper lamps of the entrance area.


In designing the interior of gastrobar is it have been considered to generate a high contrast between natural materials: wood and grass, transmitting this way the freshness of the brand.

  • Grass

    RGB: #7ab245

  • Bronze

    RGB: #b7682d

  • Wood

    RGB: #ddc28d

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